Welcome to Our Second Home: Papakea E 310

Re. the parking, it’s wherever you can find a spot but there is generally adequate parking.  And it is free (for one car). We usually find parking easily by the check in lobby.  But nothing is restricted.  They will give you a parking permit to hang from your rearview mirror, and we would advise you to put that in your glove compartment or out of sight somewhere in the car when you drive away from Papakea.  Just remember to put it back out when you arrive back at Papakea.  If you forget, the worst that happens is that security will put a notice under your windshield to check with the office.  They will remind you to put the permit on the rearview mirror.

When you first get to the condo, the maid service will have cleaned for your arrival and shut all the windows, doors, curtains, etc., so it may feel really warm inside.  Just open up all the louvers, sliding glass door, turn on the ceiling fans in your bedroom and the LR, and maybe even prop open the front door and the bedroom window (by the way when we go to bed, we open the bedroom window louvers and sliding glass window in the LR and let the ocean breeze and sound lull us to sleep).  The moment you open the sliding glass door, the ocean breeze will cool you off while you are trying to soak in the ocean the moment you walk in the door. The trade winds are wonderful, and the place will cool off nicely.  If you’re used to being in AC, it may feel hot for a while, but hearing the ocean and the birds and feeling the cool trades will become a wonderful way of living for you!  Plus, you’ll be wearing way fewer clothes in Maui than here on the mainland. 🙂  And now with our new AC, if the trades aren’t blowing, that will cool the place off very nicely, but most guests prefer not having the AC on. We rarely use the AC.  I rather listen to the sounds of the ocean waves. It really is very refreshing.

In the food arena, it works best to keep ALL food that has been opened (cereal, bread, chips, etc.) either in the refrigerator and/or the freezer to avoid the arrival of little ants; also, keep countertops wiped clean so as not to attract nonpaying diners (bug variety). 🙂

Important:  When you leave the condo for the day, please turn off the AC and all lights and the fans in the bathrooms and close the LR sliding door and curtains.  Also, when you’re there during the day and feel you have to have the AC on, keep the sliding door closed also.  Both those will help keep our power bills down and therefore our rates lower too.  The electricity for Papakea is produced by gasoline, so you can just imagine our electric bill some months.  And speaking of gasoline, it is about a dollar higher per gallon than on the mainland.

FYI, you can call security with a single touch of a button on the phone.  The telephone number at the condo is 808-669-4848, extension 7530 if you are in our unit E 310.  When your friends/family calls the main number, a recorded voice answers and tells them to press POUND, wait for the dial tone, and then enter the extension .  Or they press zero when the voice starts talking.  That will take them to the operator at Papakea.  Then they can ask for extension 7530 (for unit E310) or just ask for condo E 310.   There is voice mail in the condo so that you don’t have to hang around waiting for any calls.  A red light will be blinking on the phone when there is a message.  Follow the prompts to retrieve your message. 

Phone Charges: The local calls are free now and the calls to mainland do cost (5 to 6 cents/minute?) PLEASE CHECK WITH FRONT DESK.  Just have your friends and family call you in your room. That is free.  In case you are wondering about the check-out cleaning and whether you have to wash sheets and towels before you leave, load the dishwasher, sweep the floors, etc., the simple answer is NO!  You are our guests.  We have a terrific cleaning/maintenance service for the humdrum necessity of cleaning.  And that brings something else to mind.  Since you are renting through us, the owners, and not through the any rental management company, if something breaks or leaks or isn’t working properly, please call our maintenance person directly.  The front desk may say, “Oh, we can’t help you with that.”   

The contact for our housekeeping company for E310 is Dave – tel 808-276-4343.

There should be no need to contact them UNLESS YOU FIND THE UNIT WAS NOT PROPERLY CLEANED. I WANT TO KNOW. IT IS IMPORTANT. Please call me 503-332-3215.

We have done everything we can so that you never have to call them but just in case if you need to, they are there to address any concerns. 

If something is not working (it is rare but possible), please call me but also call my handy man – Lucas – 808-757-8832. He is our maintenance person.  He will send me the bill.  Again, hope this does not become necessary.

For those of you staying for several days/weeks, you can arrange directly with our cleaner if you would like a mid-stay cleaning and tell him what you would like done.  He and his crew are very nice and efficient people and will help with anything you need.  As a reminder, check-in time is 4:00 PM and check-out time is 11:00 AM.  If for some reason you need to adjust either your check-in or check-out time, please do not hesitate to ask.  While we can make no promises, we will do everything within our power to accommodate your request.

If you are looking for any in depth information for things to do on Maui, we keep a copy of the book “Maui Revealed” on the living room coffee table for our guests to use.  “Maui Revealed” is a great and extremely detailed resource for getting the most from your Maui vacation.  Use it to your heart’s content.  All we ask is that it be left on the coffee table when guests check out.

Early mornings, we love to sit out on the lanai watch the world wake up.  The sun makes all kinds of interesting shadows with the palm trees, etc.  The birds are all excited about a new day.  There are no human sounds.  The pool caretakers are spraying and arranging the pool furniture and cleaning the barbeques from the night before.  Early risers are out for their walks or just strolling with a cup of coffee.  Everything smells fresh and clean.  The ocean is usually calm and very blue.  Some people are out on the reef leaning over and looking at sea creatures.  It’s all so peaceful and beautiful…

Video: Maui Papakea Resort Tour

Enjoy your stay in our home.

Ray Prasad,

503-332-3215, Email: MauiPapakeaE310@aol.com